Shasta in Cotter

This small-town saga is about Cotter (Don Murray), an ex-rodeo clown who comes back to his hometown after his drunken carelessness kills a rodeo rider. He picks a bad time to return though, because his ex-boss gets murdered for a whole bag of money, and as a half-breed Indian he naturally gets the blame. Sherry plays Shasta, a saloon girl working for and fooling around with Roy (Rip Torn) the two-timin', schemin' cowboy saloon owner whose wife Leah (Cotter's high-school flame) seems to know from the outset that no good is going to come to her in this movie.

Roy connives with his women on the assumption that Cotter actually is guilty to provide him an alibi, and find out where the money is. However, the sherriff spoils his plan by catching the real killer, and they all realize there ain't gonna be no payday for anybody. In the end, Cotter beats up Roy for beating up Leah, and the two old sweethearts catch the midnight bus out of town. Shasta comes out unscathed, and decides to skip out on Roy, too, leaving him without any money, girlfriends, or any future to his movie career?? Yeah right.. Rip went on to make about NINETY movies after this one; almost four per year for twenty-six years!! Remember him as Wil Smith's boss in "Men in Black" ?? His cut from that one probably could have paid the whole budget for "Cotter".

Cotter is accused of killing a local bigwig. Fresh
out of the tub, Roy just told Shasta he'll pick her up in ten minutes to start building an alibi for Cotter so that he can get a cut of his money, assuming he
must actually be guilty.

"If you'll just go along with this little old lie, Shasta
honey, your ever-lovin' Roy will split all that nice
old money Cotter is hidin' right down the middle". And we're supposed to believe she set that hairdo in ten minutes!

Even in a snoozer movie like this, Sherry looks her best! Shasta is sitting in Roy's car, putting the whole plot together, but she's worried he's going to cut and run away with the money to some big city like Tulsa, or maybe even Phoenix!

Shasta lays one on Roy to seal the deal. Of course, now Roy is going to get his wife, Leah (Carol Lynley) to seduce her old flame Cotter to find out where the money is so they can "rip" him off (sorry!), but then we're all sure he won't forget to take care of Shasta!

Shasta is in a strange dance with the drunken
Cotter after the police catch the real killer. Cotter knows his friend Roy has double-crossed him, his old flame Leah has tried to seduce him, and only Shasta seems to care about him even though everyone now knows he doesn't have any money.

"dang" Shasta thinks, "he's kinda cute for a
worthless, drunk, ex-rodeo clown". I think I need to get outta this town! I wonder if I could win him away from Leah?

The only scene in the entire movie where the two female co-stars share the camera. Roy's two girlfriends finally meet. Leah is a bit battered after Roy takes his frustration out on her, and she's going to give Shasta the key to his house and catch the next bus out of town. Shasta realizes that she's probably next in line for some domestic violence, but she takes the time to advise Leah to have a doctor "look after your face". As Leah walks out, Shasta asks her: "what should I tell Roy?" Leah responds: "Whatever you've been telling him since you came here, Shasta. He seems to like it.." Meow!!!!

"wow... I guess she told me!!" Shasta realizes she better cut out on old Roy while she has the chance. So in her goin'-to-the-rodeo dress, she knows he won't hit her in a crowd before he tries to ride the bull.

"see here, Roy, I think I'll work one more night at your saloon, make some real good tips, and shove off from this one-horse town. I kinda got the Leah idea that you're not too nice to your ladies, and you ain't gonna mess up THIS face..." Sherry is thinking to herself: "I gotta bunch more movies to make, thank heaven this one is over!!"

This film was simply dreadful.. but Sherry had some fabulous closeups, and her character had a lot more sense than Carol Lynley's did! At least no one hit her beautiful face, and at times her hair seems to fill the screen!!

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