Nancy Delacourt in Wild Women

Sherry plays a genteel southern belle who is in a frontier prison for shooting a friend of her brother's who "made improper advances" in this strange western adventure. The U.S. Army offers a collection of lady prisoners their parole if they will pose as the wives of a platoon of soldiers posing as civilian surveyors who are taking a wagon train to deliver cannons to help Texas fight the Mexican army as they pretend to map the Texas territory in the pre-civil war period. It doesn't make much sense when you watch it, either!

In the prison, she explains why she had to shoot that ungentlemanly fellow to try to qualify for this hair-raising mission.

What a wagonload of women!! Here, three of the five "wives" are ready to strike off on the journey. Next to Sherry is Marilyn Maxwell, most famous for being the platinum-haired bombshell in Bob Hope's USO troupe. This would be the last movie of her long career before her death two years later. And on the left is Marie Windsor, the film noir queen who was (that's right!) Sherry's mean old mom in "Trouble Along the Way"!!

Bad girl Nancy was just pulled out of a catfight with one of her fellow lady felons; an Indian girl (who's her only competition in the beauty department) that she didn't want to sleep in the same wagon with.

Watching her pant in this bustier after her wrestling match justifies her entire salary in this movie!

Nancy gets a haircut with a Bowie knife for stealing water from the water wagon to wash her hair. "But it was so filthy!" was her excuse. Marie Windsor wields the blade, proving she is not done being mean to Sherry in the movies!

A little further down the trail, Nancy seems to be enjoying her new, shorter hairdo. The ladies are trying to figure out how to "thank" their fellas, who have been so brave against all of the dangers they have faced together on this harrowing mission. Anne Francis has the female lead in this western, and her career spanned the forties through the nineties, just a bit longer than Sherry's did. She also starred in "Forbidden Planet", which puts these two actresses in a similar science fiction cult status.

Nancy seems to have settled on an appropriate "gratitude" for the lucky Private Bishop. Joseph Kaufmann was her costar with a terribly shallow part. His only real "lines" are in this scene, and certainly Sherry was the hottest actress he ever got to kiss in a movie!! OOPS!! I forgot about his next movie, "Jud" (not as successful a three-letter title as "Big") with playmate Claudia Jennings.

After "thanking" Mr. Bishop, Nancy sports his chapeu. This gesture must be some sort of frontier symbolism for "we just made love!". The ladies have just been told that their services are no longer needed by the Army, and that the men are going to take the cannons hidden in the wagons on to the fort through hostile Mexican territory by themselves. This doesn't set too well with all of the new "wives" who've all taken a sudden liking overnight to these brave soldiers pretending to be civilian surveyors who have lied and ducked at every opportunity to Indians, Mexicans, and even other soldiers to maintain their cover story.

Nancy comes out blastin'! The ladies figure out a way to help with the Mexican army, so the boys lead 'em into town where the girls are waiting for an ambush. Never afraid to do her part, Sherry wields her rifle like a pro! They finish the bad guys off in short order in the climactic final scene of this odd movie. Throughout the film Sherry plugged along in this insipid role. But true to her form, she brought some real grit into a character that was mainly a helpless Southern belle.

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