Connie in The Mini-Skirt Mob

This movie opens with the two newlyweds, Connie and Jeff Logan on their honeymoon in a lovely little pull-trailer. Sherry is wrapped up like a pink bon-bon, and they appear to be off to a great start. At least, from an RV there is nowhere to go but up!

Unfortunately, Jeff's former rodeo pals, and their gang of mini-skirted biker girl groupies have a different idea for what makes a good honeymoon. What starts out as sort of a happy, communal "shiv-a-ree" is about to turn into harrassment, terror and murder.

Jeff deflects the opening round of hostilities by having a beer with his former girlfriend, Shayne, and the older, married cowboys convince the punks to leave him alone with his bride by this lovely cow pond for a little frolicking. Somehow, after swimming, Sherry's hair is dry, and she pushes her rodeo husband to the ground and scampers off to their picnic blanket.

Shayne and the gang return to spoil their picnic. After the rodeo clowns beat Jeff senseless, Shayne lets Connie know what she is about to be in for, and Connie at least gets in the first shot, with a nice slap to the face.

A nasty catfight ensues, with no stunt doubles that I could see! The two actresses are literally throwing each other around, and rolling over each other on the ground slapping, pulling, and shrieking. Finally, the big bad blonde Shayne gets the upper hand, and delivers a countdown of smacks across Connie's face that knock her out cold on her back. Just as it appears that the cowboys are going to take their turns at Connie, Jeff wakes up, sneaks back into the trailer for his rifle, and runs them all off.

Assuming that they have seen the last of the mob, the lovely couple wipes the blood from the corners of their mouths, and resumes their honeymoon.

Clearly not a good strategic move. Instead of escaping to the authorities, Jeff thinks the mob will leave them alone now, and drives off in his Ford convertible with the trailer and his bride: only to let the highly mobile biker gang chase after them on the road where they're separated from the rifle back in the trailer.

This great "below the chin" shot comes as Connie is being threatened in the open car by one of the cowboys brandishing the car's antenna that he has just broken off while riding alongside on his Triumph. Sherry thinks: "my gosh, I think I recognize that hoodlum!" , because it is Ronnie Rondell, Jr. , the famous stunt man/actor who used to play her brother Dannie as a kid in the old Ma & Pa Kettle movies!

Say goodbye Ronnie! Jeff is just about to swerve to miss one hoodlum, and L.G. is going to get knocked off the road and go flying off of a 500-foot cliff!

After this movie, Ronnie will go on performing stunt work, and then move up to be stunt coordinator in hundreds more movies, right up to today. His face doesn't make it onto the screen very much, but his body sure does!

Not realizing he's just killed one of the gang, and REALLY ticked off Shayne, Jeff AGAIN assumes the gang has gotten bored with them, and they've seen the last of the Mini-Skirts. He picks a nice secluded dead end in the desert to continue their honeymoon.
While the idiot is off gathering firewood for his propane stove, Lon and Spook pay a visit to the little cul-de-sac. After Spook knocks her to the ground, Lon helps her up and admonishes Spook that the only way to treat a lady is "firm, but gentle".... just before they tie her up and rip her blouse!

Sherry in bondage?!?! No, the cowboys just trussed her up like a calf to let Jeff know who's in charge, and then stole the rifle from the trailer. Now we're going to settle in for some nice, slow, terrorizing in the desert heat. With plenty of beer for the gang, and Jeff's rifle, what devious plans does Shayne have for the honeymooners now?

Ok, now that they have our heroes trapped, lets run down the whole gang, here. The two "stars" of this film are Jeremy Slate in the lead as Lon, the giant rodeo cowboy who is led by his (ahem!) by Diane McBain as Shayne, the gritty blonde leader of the Mini-Skirt Mob: a gang of homogenously beautiful cheerleader-types who would look more at home on a parade float than astride Triumph motorcycles tagging after a bunch of bull-riders across the desert. How does their hair stay so perfect in the desert heat? They must own some serious stock in VO5 !!

Although he appeared in dozens of movies, Jeremy is probably most popular from the soap opera "One Life to Live" where he played Chuck Wilson from 1979 to 1987.

Diane was quite the hot young starlet for Paramount along with Sherry, and although her many movie roles are tough to find today, she also starred in the brief but popular "Surfside 6" TV series as Daphne Dutton.

Patty MacCormick as Edie, Shayne's little sister is the conscience of the "Mini-Skirts". She would like big Lon to be her boyfriend if she can only drag him out of her big sister Shayne's evil (ahem!) influence.

Patty was also in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" with Sherry back in 1960 when she was only fifteen. Her career continues today with many television, and a few movie appearances.

Harry Dean Stanton plays Spook, the scrawny cowboy who nevertheless is never without these two hot chicks! Bea, on his left is some Swedish actress named Barbro Hedstrom (yes, I got that spelling right, its right off of the credits!) who never made another American picture that I can tell, and Fran is played by Sandra Marshall , who doesn't have another credit to her name besides this tour de force.

Harry Dean was also in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" with Sherry, But who can forget his role as Emilio Estevez' mentor, Bud, in "Repo Man"? Or better yet, Johnnie Farragut,the hapless henpecked husband to Laura Dern's mom, in "Wild at Heart".

Connie looks with contempt at her husband, who has gotten them into this mess. She tells this surreal little story about how on her tenth birthday, her parents took her to the fanciest restaurant in town, and she was entranced by the whole setting, including the waiter in his elegant red and black uniform. But then, when he walked away, she could see he was wearing brown socks with his black pants, and the whole magic spell was broken.

She turns on him, and asks: "Is that you, Jeff?, are you like that waiter?" (meaning, is he wearing brown socks?) "what are you really like, underneath? how could you ever have been friends with them? and that Shayne! you even went with her! did you love her? how was she, Jeff? was she better than me?"

She's finally pushed her proud cowboy husband far enough, and he spills the whole story: "Sure, I rode with them for five years; rodeo was my life and I made damn good money. I saved it, and that's how I bought half interest in that ranch that we're gonna live on. And as for Shayne, sure I slept with her, but we made no promises, we had a thing, it's over, and that's it. So don't make me feel ashamed when I got nothing to be ashamed of!"

Ross Hagen in a real high point of his dramatic career. Trapped by revenge-crazed rodeo bikers in a mobile home with a lady who's just flipped out over brown socks. Maybe this film led him to think that his talents were better suited to being a film producer.

Anyway, he comes up with some idea to use the propane stove as a flame thrower, but meanwhile little Edie bashes Spook with a rock while he's guarding the trailer, steals the rifle, and runs down to save the lovebirds with a MUCH better plan. She puts on Connie's clothes to confuse the gang, and gives the traumatized duo a headstart on foot to hike out to the main road, and then she holds off her buddies with the rifle until they finally smoke her out with some molotov cocktails. Only, instead of smoke, they cause fire, and the trailer's propane tank blows up, killing Edie. Seeing her little sister fried to a crisp makes Shayne REALLY mad!

In the climactic final scenes, Shayne and Lon tear off in revenge after Connie and Jeff on their bikes. Jeff dispatches Lon pretty quickly with a tree limb that knocks him off of his bike and kills him. Shayne takes her time with Connie, though, and circles her like a vulture before moving in for the kill. Having just kicked her to the ground with her high-heeled go-go boot, she circles around for the final pass. She revs the engine, drops the clutch, and THEN she looks over her shoulder and realizes she's at the edge of a cliff! The bike tumbles off the cliff, and Shayne grabs a rock and hangs on, pleading for Connie to come and save her. Yeah, right! Wasn't she just about to kill her with the bike?

Like the good girl she always is, Connie screams "oh my" - what a terrible thing to happen to my childhood pal Diane, even though she's playing a horrible biker bitch, we had a lot of good times!

Then she limps over to hang onto Shayne at the edge of the cliff until Jeff wanders into the scene fom killing Lon.

While Connie hangs on to her dear friend, Jeff shows up, and Shayne gives him a big smile and assumes he's going to come on over and help drag her up. Sherry gives her a scathing dirty look, and then one at a time she opens her fingers.... one.... two ...... three... and Shayne plummets, screaming, down the cliff to her death on the rocks below.

Body Count --
Jeff got two; L.G. with his camper and Lon with the tree limb.

The gang lost one member, Edie, by carelessly mistaking her for their intended victims.

Sherry: she got the best one, her childhood pal Diane when she dropped her to a horrible death from the cliff.

Jeff runs up after Connie kills Shayne, and tells her: "everything will be all right now". and they limp off into the sunset to nurse their wounds and report all of these deaths to the police.

However, the look on Sherry's face here makes me suspect that Jeff's brown socks are showing, and that their marriage will have a tough time surviving this traumatic honeymoon!

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