Sherry's Child Actress Roles

Sherry started her acting career with several small, sometimes uncredited roles in some very popular movies. Her range of emotion, as well as her adorable looks, made her a fairly busy young actress from her first movie in 1949 until her last real "child" part in 1953.

Ma and Pa At the Fair

Who's the cutest Kettle kid? Second from the right, Susie and some of the brood listen to Pa pinch-hitting for the preacher at the Sunday service. And that tiny little boy in this group is Sherry's little brother, Robert.

Belting out "Bringing in the Sheaves". This is the only movie I know of where Sherry sings!

During the hymn, young James Best checks out Susie's oldest sister. If he'd only wait about ten years, Sherry will be his wife in the Twilight Zone!

Susie gets the best kid's set-up line in the whole show: The kids just ordered thirteen vanilla sodas, and Ma said that they'd spoil their dinner. Susie says: "aw, Ma, one vanilla soda won't spoil our dinner", and Ma says: "well, allright, we'll have one vanilla soda, and THIRTEEN STRAWS! "

With her sense of timing, she probably could have carried more of the comedic dialogue in this movie, but at ten years old she hasn't yet mastered her Kettle accent.

Sherry's final appearance in a "Kettle" movie would be the next installment: "Ma & Pa On Vacation". All of the story takes place in Paris, and the kids are only shown in a couple of group scenes. "On Vacation" would be Sherry's very last cinematic movie before signing on with Danny Thomas in "Make Room for Daddy".

Musetta in The Great Caruso

Sherry plays the great Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso's childhood sweetheart, Musetta. In the opening scene of the movie, she interrupts choir practice to tell Enrico his mother has fainted again. Although this is a very short, uncredited part, Sherry has some of the first lines in the beginning of the movie, which depicts Enrico's childhood. She displays a lot of nonverbal emotion as she confirms that Enrico's mother has died as he marches by during the festival parade, carrying out his mother's dying wish that he continue his singing.

Jacinta in Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

Sherry plays one of the three Portuguese chldren who witness the apparition of the Virgin Mary. She displays a lot of different emotions in this part, from the amazement at her meeting with the Holy Mother, to the sadness of being doubted by all of the townspeople. When Mother Mary tells them that she and the little boy in their group will die young, her acceptance, and eagerness to join Mary and the Lord are very convincing.

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