1. Movie Roles

Sherry started off as a child actress. One story goes that she was discovered by a talent agent as she was waiting with her mother for a bus.

Her career would span five decades, with an appearance in at least one movie in each decade from the forties through the eighties.

For an overview, I categorize her cinematic career into three eras:
1. The child actress years, up until her career was completely absorbed by "Make Room for Daddy".
2. The post-MRFD comeback years from 1965 until the post-"Gunn" slowdown in 1970.
3. The tv-movie years, from 1973 until 1980 when her career jumped alternately between tv and movies.

I hate to have to split hairs like this, but I consider a "TV movie" to be a MOVIE! : regardless of what the cinematic purists may say. These shows were shot on celluloid, copyrighted, the actors got SAG credits, and I'll bet they got shown in a dark room for money somewhere. So please take all of my information and opinions with that grain of salt!!

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