Andrea the Android in Star Trek

Okay, so "Andrea" was not the final role that Sherry had on TV, but I've saved it for last because this is arguably Sherry's most famous television guest appearance, and is the source of much of her cult status as an actress. She portrays the android mate of Dr. Roger Korby, who happens to be Nurse Christine Chapel's long lost fiance for whom she has given up being a doctor herself to join the federation as a nurse in order to scour the galaxy to find him. Dr. Korby had been stranded on this planet, and his frozen human body traded in for an indestructable new android chassis by Ruk (an android left by "the old ones" and the keeper of their android-producing technology). He figured he wasn't going to run into Christine for awhile so he might as well have the most beautiful mate he could build: Andrea, played by Sherry!!

Man, what an outfit! Sherry walks back into our tv's in one of her awesome roles in 1966. This cross-your-heart halter jumpsuit whatchamacallit that Sherry is wearing stopped quite a few hearts in 1966. Viewers hearts, co-stars hearts, and especially stuffy network censor's hearts!
This frame appears on a Star Trek Collectors Card from a series composed of all of the guest stars that they could round up, and each card was autographed by the actor portraying a Star Trek character. The "Andrea" card with Sherry's signature currently lists for about sixty bucks!

Sherry with Ted Cassidy (Lurch from the Adamms family) as Ruk. She is helping him construct the latest addition to their group, a Captain James T. Kirk android who will help them capture the Enterprise, and eventually dominate and control the destructive impulses of the human species.

Captain Kirk and Andrea are observing the emotional reunion of Nurse Chapel with her long-lost fiance, Dr. Korby.
Andrea seems to be asking herself: "hmmm, I wonder why Roger never kissed me like that?" Jim just smiles and thinks: "oboy, now this hot chick is available for me!"
He doesn't know yet that she's an android! (like that would make any difference to Jim, the Don Juan of the Galaxy)

In a hot kiss with the real Captain Kirk, he is trying to scramble her android programming by introducing her to new possibilities besides her preprogrammed android mate, Dr Korby.

Sherry was the very first guest star who got to kiss Shatner in the series' first season.
Gene Roddenberry had decided to dump Kirk's pretty cabin attendant Yeoman Rand, and was trying to turn him into an outer space Lothario with a different female (occasionally alien!) love interest almost every week. The rest of the girls had a hard act to follow after Sherry!

Jim asks her: "getting confused, Andrea?" as she realizes the danger she is in. Sherry said that in this scene, "William Shatner REALLY kissed me!!", and that you can also tell by the way he is now wearing all of her lipstick when they pull apart, and how swollen her lips are!!

Andrea encounters the android Kirk and tries to kiss him. He refuses, saying that "it is illogical". Andrea is stunned at his refusal and asks:
"You.... you will not??"
What was that idiot android Kirk thinking? If he really had all of Kirk's personality and talents he would've been kissing Andrea just like the real Kirk did! A terrible consistency error, but that's how they justify her killing him.

Andrea blasts the android Kirk with her phaser. He has just returned from the Enterprise with all of the information they need to take over the ship, and Andrea mistakes him for the real Kirk and wants a little more of Jim's good lovin' ! When the fellow android rejects her advances, she feels spurned and lets him have it ! Sherry is the only guest star who ever got to disintegrate Shatner with a phaser in the original series, and that prop is now in the Smithsonian Institution.

In the final scene with Dr Korby, she realizes that
the Kirk behind her is the real Kirk and that she
has just killed her fellow android, the substitute
Kirk that was going to take over the Enterprise.

Sherry said that the hardest part of this role was
trying to overcome that incredible costume! She
was glued into the criss-cross halter top with
two-sided tape, and network sensors were
constantly on the set to ensure compliance with
the ban against showing any skin "below the
Gene Roddenberry always joked that the stuffy
network execs who enforced that standard were
"afraid that moss was growing down there" .

Andrea tries to "kiss and make up" with Dr.Korby for killing the android Kirk, but he gets ahold of her phaser and disintegrates them both since he realizes his whole plan is a hypocritical mistake. This phaser murder-suicide is one of the most unusual death scenes in Sherry's acting career

Sherry in "Star Trek Insights" - 1998

The Sci-fi Channel aired the original Star Trek series episodes in their original, complete format, with added interviews from the series regulars and especially the guest stars, giving anecdotes and color about what it was like appearing in such a strange tv series from the sixties.
Sherry is having a good laugh here, telling about her sexy costume, the censors on the set, and how overcoming her costume was the real acting challenge for her to play Andrea. Sherry has not been overcome by the passage of years - at 56 she still "looks mahvelous" !!

I think I see what she means.. Looking at her costume makes it hard for me to comprehend her dialogue. That outfit really is challenging!!

Sherry is still so cute! She's revealing about how Shatner had to shave his chest for his "nude scene" when he was being cloned into the Kirk android. She thought it was funny how he was always complaining about how much it itched! Never mind how that double-sided tape must have felt to her!!

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