Diane Wayborn in CHiPs

Sherry skydives into this episode, where she plays Jon's rich girlfriend. She's on a parachuting double date with Jon, Ponch, and another lady we've never seen before, yet they all act like they've known each other forever.

After they land, Diane's car gets stolen by a couple of two-bit car strippers, and becomes the focus of the plot, which leads to entanglements with the FBI, and a drug smuggling ring.

Everyone gets their ten-second closeup as they "free-fall" (and Ponch is supposedly on his first jump!) while laying on a diving board over an empty swimming pool somewhere in L.A. with a big fan blowng their hair. Sherry looks as cute as Gazoo here with that helmet and those goggles on!

At the police tow lot, Diane meets with her insurance agent to identify what's left of her car. It's minus all of the doors, hood, trunk, tires, etc. so the agent says that her insurance will certainly have to pay her claim, at "blue book" value, of course. She complains that the car is worth at least four thousand more than blue book, but the agent just quotes her some fine print from her policy, and Jon explains to her that she's out of luck.

After this scene, we see the car get auctioned off, and the same guys that stole it buy back the chassis, put the missing parts back on, and resell it. Pretty clever scheme, I wonder if any crooks get their ideas from watching these shows?

No wonder they're concerned. Mr. Heller, Diane's insurance agent is Roy Stuart; Sargeant Carter's good old buddy, Corporal Boyle, from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. He looks as slick as a snake in this episode, as he tells them that passing along the cost of car theft to everyone's insurance premiums is just "The American Way".

Apparently Diane's gotten over the "four thousand dollar" loss that she took on the insurance settlement, and is just happy again to be dating Officer Jon. After a lovely dinner, the two couples are coming out discussing what would be fun to do next, when Diane's Mercedes comes pulling into the lot.

They run up to the surprised driver, and Diane asks him "What are you doing with my car?"

Jon asks her: " now, wait a minute, how do you know that's your car?"

She responds logically enough: "Does a mother know her own child? I know that's my car!"

The driver comes back with a sharp retort: "Lady, you're cute, but you're very much mistaken. Now if you don't mind..."

Jon introduces everyone, and as a CHiP, he asks the driver for his registration. The poor guy produces his bill of sale, and it seems he just bought it on the street from a "John Smith", so now we know how the car theft/insurance scam comes to a close. Poor Diane can't do anything, cause she signed away her rights to the car when she made her insurance claim.

This is also the end of this brief role for Sherry. I guess since she didn't have her cool car anymore, Jon moved on to a new girlfriend. I don't think we ever saw the blonde that Ponch is with again, either.

On the way to tracking down the strippers, Ponch and Jon bust a drug smuggling ring that the smalltime car thieves happened to observe while working at their chopshop out in the country, so although Diane is still out one Mercedes, the boys get to look good by helping the FBI take down the smugglers.

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