Toni Marelli in Alice

Flo discovers that her trucker boyfriend Sy's partner is really a woman! And how!
Sherry looks cute with her hair stuffed into that hat as Toni Marelli, the gear-jammin' trucker-ess who tries to assure Flo that she is "strictly a professional partner" to Sy. When he tries to convince her that Toni is only "a damned good trucker", Flo gets to deliver her trademark line: "Kiss my grits!" , and says he's "been lying about all of those lonely nights on the road, when really he's been snugglin' up to Miss Rod and Piston" !

Another Star Trek moment. Toni explains Flo's jealousy to Mel, saying that she has gotten the same reaction from the girlfriend of every trucker she's ever worked with. Imagine that? What lady wouldn't want their man spending his lonely nights away from home with a sweet gal like her?

Sherry is fueling a crush in the heart of the "old warhorse", veteran actor Vic Tayback. He got to appear in "A Piece of the Action": one of the few "comedy" episodes of Star Trek as a gangster vying for control of a planet that patterned itself after the bootlegging days of old Chicago

Alice comes up with the brilliant idea for Flo to take Toni's job over the weekend, to see how hard it really is, and convince herself that there is no time on the road for any hanky-panky between two professional drivers. Oh, yeah, right...

When Sy and Toni come back to the diner, Alice, Vera, and Flo are out driving the truck around to give Flo a "driving lesson". Anyone want to take a wild guess how this is going to turn out?

Sherry gets more wardrobe changes in this sitcom than she did in all of "Stingray" from the previous year. Love that blue sweater!

Oh no! They're heading right for the diner!
Toni screams at Flo to "hit the brakes!"
Then they all run inside to hide behind the cash register.

The final laugh -- Mel is going to kill Flo for turning his diner into an outdoor cafe. All of the ladies race to her protection, but Toni seems to be checking out all of the debris on the hood of the truck.

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