Lola Cortez in Wild Wild West

After her first WWW episode, Sherry was invited back for an encore In "Night of the Gruesome Games". This time, she plays Nola Cortez, a flirtatious opportunist who has been invited to a deadly party by the eccentric millionaire, Rufus Kraus.

James West is chasing the evil Dr. Raker through the hotel that Lola happens to be staying in, and we meet her as she comes out of the bath. She offers him a seat, and then looks a little dissappointed that West didn't stay for awhile.

Dr. Raker has a "germ warfare" culture that West believes he is going to unleash on the world, but he doesn't know why because Raker hasn't made any extortion demands.

James chases Dr. Raker off of a cliff, where he apparently drowns in the river below. So, to figure out what his evil plot was, Artie Gordon dresses up as the late doctor, and is riding here with Lola to the mysterious party that they've both been invited to.

The road is a bit bumpy, and the carriage lurches, throwing Lola into his arms:

Lola -- "It's so good to be in the hands of a medical man"

Artie -- "I must admit, it's times like these when I cherish the title."

"I can't ever imagine why I was invited to one of Mr. Kraus' famous parties, I only met him that one time on a train!"

The carriage hits another bump, and the fickle Lola flies across into James' arms. He's going to the party to pose as "Dr. Raker's" bodyguard, so he can try to find the germ culture.

Let the games begin. As they arrive, the guests are already playing musical chairs, and wondering what these silly games are really all about.

Lola, crawling on the floor during an "egg and spoon" race. Rufus Kraus is about to reveal the evil intention of his party.

Lola wanders off during "Hide and Seek" and slips down a slide to the basement, where Kraus' "Oddjob" manservant has trapped West in a cage.

She is shocked to hear about the germ culture as James explains what happened to Dr. Raker.

After explaining what little he knows of the evil Doctor's plan, Lola and James emerge from a chiffarobe, much to the amusement of the other hide-and-seek players.

Their plan to smoke out the Doctor's accomplice works when Artie throws a fit as Kraus, and tells everyone to go to bed, and in the morning he's going to cut that no-good killer out of his will.

One of the other ladies at the party is Dr. Raker's wife, and it turns out he didn't drown. He's a master of some Eastern art of stopping your breathing, and he's at the party to trigger his germ culture after he kills off all of the other guests who are in Kraus' will. Then, he and his wife will not only be the richest people in the world, but then they can release the germ culture and kill off everyone who is not immunized like they are.

But then they will also be... alone!! Now what's the point of that? If you kill everyone in the world, then you sure don't need money?!

A typical wierd Wild Wild West. This one was just plain dumb... If Sherry wasn't in it I wouldn't watch it twice!!

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