Michelle Le Master in Wild Wild West

By the time Sherry shows up in this episode, we have already seen a murder, and a brawl. The evil Emma Valentine (Agnes Moorehead) is planning to become the "queen" of America by using her stable of lovely ladies to marry and murder their rich new husbands, thus accumuating enough wealth to control congress. She will then pass her feminist platform of women's-rights laws, endearing herself so much to all the women of America that she will be hailed as the "queen". Then, when they finally get the vote, the majority of females in America will gratefully elect her president, too!

Michelle makes her entrance here as the blushing bride of the next rich old victim.

On the eve of her "wedding", Michelle models her dress for Emma Valentine. She is having second thoughts, but Emma points out that she took her "from a barmaid in a filthy French bistro, to the wife of the richest man in America, You should be leaping in the air with glad little cries!" Sherry thinks to herself: "yeah right, Agnes, you want a list of all the rich guys I've dated?!"

While James is held in place by the pneumatic arms of that chair, Emma lays out her feminist plan to become "queen" of the United States by matchmaking all of the wealthy men into their graves.

West says "excuse me for not getting up". as he is introduced to Michelle. Referring to her as "this little ball of fluff you are probably drawn to", Emma insults her in front of him. " she is a common thief, whom I transformed into a lady".

James says "you did quite a job"

Michelle relates how Emma got her out of a French prison, because she "had to steal, ONCE!"
James offers to help before she becomes an accomplice to murder, but she knows that Emma could put her back in prison.
So know we now that she controls all of her ladies through blackmail. How can James possibly help her, now?

A great close-up of Diane McBain as Michelle's predecessor in matrimonial murder, the widow Elaine.

Sherry and Diane were both Paramount teen starlets in the early sixties, and they were also offscreen friends who could commiserate with each other about the perils of being young, famous and beautiful in Hollywood, i.e. when they had to stop dating some hot film actor, or famous rock 'n' roll singer?

These actresses would appear together again soon in "the Mini-Skirt Mob", in which Diane is the female lead as a nasty biker chick seeking revenge against Sherry for stealing her boyfriend. Maybe she was still ticked off about Sherry busting up the Valentine gang in the Wild Wild West !

Well, this is the only scene I've ever seen where Sherry gets married. Too bad it had to be such an old guy. P.J. Lambert is played here by Henry Beckman, who has appeared in over one hundred movies and tv shows.

Rght after they kiss, Emma's evil plan is supposed to come to a head. James and Artie Gordon are tied up over the stained glass roof of Emma's chapel, and when Diane McBain plays the "Wedding March" the final chord will shatter it, causing them to plummet onto poor P.J. , thus making Michelle the latest rich heiress. But old Jim has some tricks up his sleeve, not to mention his boot!

I just can't see this marriage lasting. Talk about May-December!
As they walk down the aisle, Emma pulls Michelle away to get some photographs of the happy groom right under the window, and nods to Diane for the final chord....

Instead of falling, the daring duo (oops, wrong series) rappell to the floor, and start mopping up Emma's goons. As Agnes raises her pistol to waste Mr. West, the new bride spoils her aim! Sherry looks genuinely mortified from the dirty look that Agnes is giving her before Emma has to beat a hasty retreat out of this episode. Her plan is foiled, the agents are onto her, and she's going to be the "queen" of some prison instead of the USA!

The sad bride is telling P.J. that he won't have any trouble getting the wedding annulled. He can't imagine why he'd want to skip his wedding night, so she tells him about the "awful conspiracy" that almost killed him. The last we see of our two (guest) protagonists after Emma leaves is P.J. thinking it over. "hmm.... she was going to help kill me, but boy is she a doll! " what to do, what to do??

The good guys find Emma's "ha ha , I escaped" note, and they cut to commercial. When we return to the closing "train car" scene, James and Artie are gloating over Emma's subsequent "capture", but someone has delivered a box of candy. Assuming it's a bomb, James tosses it out the window, but when it doesn't blow, Artie's curiousity is killing him. He retrieves the smashed chocolate-covered cherries, and reads the note from Michelle: "roses are red, violets are blue, I do love P.J. : we're getting married at two! "

So apparently, P.J. forgave her!

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