Effra in Lost In Space

Another classic science fiction role of Sherry's. As Effra, Sherry is the daughter of a roving band of "Space Croppers" : a family who travels through the galaxy in their rocket powered squatter's shack planting their
"Little Shop of Horrors" - esque plant pods which devour every life form on the planet. Although Mercedes McCambridge gets higher billing as the matriarch of the agrarian space hillbillies, Sherry definitely carries the episode (mainly on her legs!), and her Arkansas accent is as thick as corn squeezin's. Sherry tries to steal Major Don West away from his beloved Judy, and the catfight that COULD have been in this story is one of the great missing pieces that LIS fans talk about from this episode. As in most episodes though, Judy realizes that she is the only post-adolescent female on the planet that isn't married to the boss, and that her position in Don's heart is secure.
With only two costumes in this show, Sherry makes a nice appearance in a
Lil' Abner-like off the shoulder country-girl dress. Then she puts on the wildest hairdo of her entire career, and a sort of Greek-goddess-from-the boudoir flowing gown to get down to the serious business of stealing away Major Don.

Dr. Smith meets Effra on a walk through the
neighborhood. She just happened to find those snazzy gloves hanging out to dry on the Robinson's laundry line.

Effra entrances Dr. Smith by telling him about her familiy's botanical experiments.

On a neighborly errand to borrow some spice for her vegetable stew, Effra also charms Mama Robinson (June Lockhart).

One of the most dramatic stills of Sherry, she is warning the Robinsons not to go wandering around in her familiy's vegetable patch. She is the most beautiful in some of her most comedic moments !!

Effra is all dolled up to woo Major West away
from Judy. She asked him "if his face always hottens up and turns red when you're
spoken to?" No, just for you, Sherry!

But ol' faithful Don spurns Effra, saying that the
kind of life she has planned for them is
"not for me", because he's already committed to staying on this forsaken rock with his true love, Judy. The wrath of Effra is about to
crash all around in the end of this episode.

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