Rebecca Snipe in The Rifleman

Fresh off of the stagecoach, Rebecca meets little Mark at the depot.

Before they came into town, Lucas was giving Mark a haircut, and the little guy was pressin' his Paw for what he was lookin' for if he was to ever think about takin' another wife after his dear old Maw had passed on. Lucas wasn't TOO specific as he told him:
"Well, she'll have to cook, and sew, and scrub, but her hands gotta be soft. She's gotta have hair like crimson as the settin' sun, and eyes as brown as chestnuts. She's gotta wear a flower cause that's womanly, and she'll have to ride a horse like a man.
Mark responds: " a woman like that's gonna be kinda hard to find, ain't she, Paw?" , and Lucas agrees: "very hard to find, son".

Mark thinks Rebecca here looks just about perfect for his Paw, even if she's only sixteen!

Dragged into the depot by Mark to meet Rebecca, Lucas makes polite small talk with her. Back outside with Mark he points out that "she's closer to your age than mine, why she'd make a better sister for you than a wife for me! Now don't do that no more!"

Mark says: "what a shame, she sure fits, crimson hair, chestnut eyes, wears flowers, and she rides a horse like a man!"

She's also got a secret about the fellow that was ridin' the stagecoach into town with her. It seems he's got a grudge against Lucas, and he aims to kill that "BIG man with the BIG mouth".

Rebecca's big brothers have pulled him in to a
store to have a glass of milk since they've been banned in all the saloons in town for being too wild. They have a few questions for this fellow that's been "bird-doggin' after their sister". The biggest brother, here, is a pre-Bonanza Dan Blocker. I didn't recognize him with that mustache until I heard him talk!

Lucas assures them that although she is indeed a very lovely young lady, he has absolutely NO intentions toward their sister.

On the way out of town, the bad guy that Rebecca overheard on the stage meets up with his gang, and they spread out to ambush Lucas in the street. But on his way out, Lucas "bumps" into her again, and spills all of her packages on the sidewalk. The big brothers observe this, and assume he's back at his bird-doggin'. They question his intentions towards her, and this insult to Rebecca's reputation by her own brothers forces Lucas to take a few minutes to whup their butts, distracting the gang of killers long enough so's they decide to catch him back at the ranch.

When they catch up with him back home, the hired gun drops at the first bark from Lucas' Winchester. The next bad guy takes a round from Lucas on the old "move to a different window" trick, and now he has to sneak around the house to get the last one, but he bumps into the old milk bucket! The last bad guy has the drop on Lucas, and BLAM! he drops from simultaneous shots from the two Snipe brothers! Lovely Rebecca has told them about the three bad guys chasin' Lucas back home after he finished beatin' 'em up, and they decided "to be good neighbors and go have a look-see".

And while they're bein' so neighborly, Josh tells Lucas that Rebecca has been engaged to a boy back in Kansas the whole time. They saw the ring hangin' around her neck, and she had to tell them. "so it looks like you missed out!" he tells the very-relieved Lucas.
But Rebecca gets the last laugh of the show. She whirls her horse around in a "hi-yo silver'" move, and tells Josh and Peter to be sure and tell Lucas about Rhoda. The two brothers then lead Lucas arm-in-arm into the fadeout telling him how much he's gonna like Rebecca's older sister!

Sherry actually was only sixteen in this episode, which was written and directed by her stepfather Montgomery Pittman. Just one of many tv westerns that she appeared in as a very young actress after leaving Make Room for Daddy, she displayed her horse-riding AND her pretty figure while she was still in high school!

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