Terry Williams on Make Room for Daddy

As Terry, the older daughter of comedian Danny Williams, Sherry spent her teenage years playing in a family of straightmen to Danny Thomas. She got her share of the punchlines from time to time, mainly to help make Danny look like the long-suffering dad, which was the theme of the show. Being in this top-rated early family comedy show launched Sherry's child actress career into the heights of stardom for a teen actress, and she was one of the most recognizeable young talents when she left the show at sixteen.

The new show format after the original "mother" Jean Hagen was written out (i.e. died) was retitled "The Danny Thomas Show", and we got a lot more singing and sketches in each episode, instead of the typical family comedy fare. Daddy Danny took on a new wife in the "nurse" that was hired to look after his kids, and things got romantic between them. Sherry spent a season focusing on her conflicts with the new mom, her new little stepsister (Angela Cartwright) , and the never-ending upstaging by the original ham, Rusty. Then the producers (and I think Sherry too! ) decided it was time to send Terry "off to college". I cannot understand why Sherry's career did not rocket into stardom at this point. She seemed to be poised for greatness, but perhaps at sixteen she was not mature enough in Hollywood's eyes to carry a tv show, or a movie on her own.

The opening credits photo of Sherry and Rusty in the 1954 season.

In "Danny's Birthday", Terry and Rusty put on a play about how their dad was born, and how his parents dreamed about him going into show business.

From 1957, I love this western look! The new family is on their
"honeymoon" in Las Vegas, and they've gone out
for some horseback riding.

Sherry at fifteen having a heart-to heart with her new stepmom Marjorie Lord about who is going to be running the household now that Danny has taken a new bride. I wonder how much of this story line mirrored what was going on backstage after Sherry had been doing this show for four years, and Marjorie shows up with her "daughter", little Angela Cartwright. Did Sherry feel upstaged, and did that lead to her character "going off to college" (at sixteen??) as much as the fact that she had developed a better figure than Marjorie?

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