Jennifer in Casino

Wow! Sherry hasn't worn any wardrobe like this dress since the Star Trek outfit! Does she look thirty-seven here? She's sitting at the blackjack table, and has just asked for Nick, the owner (Mike Connors) to "personally" deal her a hand. He obliges, and the dialogue between Sherry and Mike as she plies him with come hither looks is great:

- Nick deals two cards face down, and Jennifer doesn't even look at them.
S: hit me
- he deals her a jack
S: hit me again
- he deals her a king -- bust
S: hit me again
N: I hate to tell you this, but you're over twenty-one
S: Just noticing?
N: Perhaps we could make some new rules?
S: Or we could break a few of the old ones?

Sherry isn't even listed in the opening credits of this tired made-for-TV movie, which gives higher billing to Gary Burghoff and Linda Day George! So, about halfway into the show, (whose plot I'm not even going to bother with!) Sherry literally explodes the film into life by unexpectedly appearing to give poor Mike Connors some kind of love life in this BORING "Mannix drives the Love Boat" movie. Unfortunately, the last role of Sherry's movie career takes about seventeen minutes of screen time, and drops us back into the thrilling (?) ending of the film.

Jennifer invites Nick to tour Barbados, since she lives on the island. Nick tries to decline by saying "I've been around before". But how can he refuse when she points out that: "I know, but you haven't been around with me!"

Cruising around in a horse-drawn carriage, perhaps both of these giants of TV sense they are in the golden age of their careers. Mike didn't get a whole lot of work after this TV movie, and this is Sherry's cinematic swan song.

They arrive at the mansion of Jennifer's uncle, who is yet another bad guy with a scheme to separate Nick from his boat. They explain that he will be their guest for a few days, and the sailing will be delayed until certain "official procedures" can be carried out.

Nick doesn't feel like delaying his boat from sailing by being their "guest", so they suggest that perhaps the police may be interested in "hosting" him for awhile. When Nick asks them "on what charge?", Jennifer walks over to him, tousles her hair, pulls her blouse off of one shoulder, and their whole plan to hold him there dawns on him as they say it simultaneously....

RAPE!?!?! -- Nick knows he's busted now, in a rich man's house on an island where he probably has the police in his pocket... he knocks out the bodyguard trying to escape, but the local constable appears, and when he surrenders to the inevitable, he gets knocked out by the cop's cane.

Jennifer reacts with disappointment at Nick on the ground. Too bad, Nick. You should have taken the easy way out and just given up your boat and hung around here with me for a couple of days!


The very last frame from a thirty year movie career. Her uncle congratulates her on a job well done and ends his role in this film by wheeling out of the scene leaving Sherry to depart the film in the opposite direction. Sherry exits smiling, looking as beautiful as ever. She would make just a few more TV series guest appearances after this TV movie, but this is her final cinematic effort.

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