Abigail Bratowski in Stingray

Sherry shoots up the screen in this role as a gangster who spends this whole action/comedy movie chasing a couple of young men in a Corvette. A young Christopher Mitchum (Robert's son) as "Al" and his friend Elmo (Les Lannom) buy a Corvette convertible that has a quarter million in both cash AND heroin hidden in the trunk after Abigail's drug deal went bad to her advantage.

After numerous killings, car and motorcycle chases, ALL of the bad guys are dead, Sherry dies in the Corvette with the drugs, and the boys still have the money, and a lovely new friend to leave the country with.

Sherry has all the good lines in this movie, most of the action, and if she had gotten a better wardrobe she might have actually been offered some more of these roles. This film turned out to be Sherry's last "cinematic" movie role.

Abigail Bratowski makes her initial appearance disguised as a nun in front of her wanted poster.

Mother Abigail smoking a Virginia slim in the elevator. She asks the guy in the back who's staring at her: "something bothering you, Fatso?"

Abigail knows how to keep Lonigan (William
Watson) in line. Her main muscle man in her
gang, Lonigan really loves Abigail, but is tired of
being dominated. William died in 1997 in Hawaii
after numerous tv and movie roles. Wasn't he
Colonel Flagg's rival CID agent in M*A*S*H* ??

Tony (Bert Hinchman) gets a right cross from the boss. He is continually referred to as "the shrimp". Abigail has to frequently discipline Tony, as he thinks he is more important in her gang than she does.

Abigail kicks her habit, revealing a hot seventies look. Too bad she wears this wardrobe for the rest of the movie!

Abigail lets her henchman Roscoe (Cliff Emmich) have it in the belly as he tries to get the machine gun away from her. Cliff was another perennial "heavy" in cop and action tv shows.

If anyone recognizes Ruth Guerri here, with her "boyfriend" getting their motorcycles stolen by Elmo and Abigail during their afternoon delight, then tell me why she belongs in a tribute to Sherry?!?!

The bullets fly as Abigail chases Elmo through the woods on her motorcycle. Who knew Sherry was this versatile?

Abigail falls from her bike after jumping a tree, and
comes up blastin' ! Undeterred, Sherry climbs
back on the motorcycle for the rest of the chase

Ohmigosh!! I didn't notice that car in the road right in front of me!!

I'm sure all of us would LOVE to believe Sherry did this stunt!!

This is about the only shot where Sherry just looks happy without a gun in this shoot-em-up movie. The wind is in her face, and she's about to have a little fun...

.... as she gets to drive a bulldozer to get her remaining gang buddies out of a gravel pit. Yes that is actually Sherry at the controls, and she starts it up and really drives it! This is one multi-talented lady!!

Chasing our "heroes" into a bar, one of the locals gets a little too friendly. Abigail pours his scotch down his pants, pulls out her lighter, and fires up his fly !! A movie barfight ensues, and in the melee the good guys escape from the back door.

Deserted by her gang, Abigail hoofs it on the highway to catch her quarry. Now tell me you wouldn't stop for Sherry....

.... unless you knew she was packing a Mauser!!

The credits say that this film is:
Introducing: Sondra Theodore. Question for diehard Sherry fans: what does she have in common with our favorite female lead in this movie? Hint: The actress that Abigail stole her motorcycle from earlier is also in this group, but five years AFTER this movie was made.

In these, Sondra's first cinematic frames, she has just thumbed down the boys after they just declared they were not going to slow down for anything until they get where they're going! Lets hope she isn't packing anything less obvious than whats in her halter!! After she gets in the car, she is silent for about a minute until they ask her: "when do you talk?". Her reply: "when it's necessary". Oh boy, another Garbo is born!! Actually, Sondra was "introduced" in "Skateboard", a movie that was dead on arrival, but she appeared at the age of 15 on "The Bob Newhart Show" WAY before her most famous "episode".

Abigail catches up with the remnants of her gang. She is SO happy because she just killed Lonigan with an icepick in the back of his head. Now she's putting a scare into the shrimp with her pistol.

Abigail shouldn't have trusted the shrimp. Just as she had gotten her hands on the drugs, he blasted her as she was trying to shoot at the good guys..

Ha! it's just a flesh wound.. Abigail lets the shrimp have it !! With the two cops that she helped kill, the poor guy who picked her up hitchhiking, and now her entire gang, this makes six guys that Abigail has knocked off in this movie.

Stepping over the dead shrimp, Abigail hobbles into the Corvette which has the "title role" in this epic to get away with the drugs. Too bad she doesn't notice that shotgun lying against the door sill. Hmmm, didn't the shrimp blast his shotgun off as she shot him dead? Was his last dying act to recock that pump action before he fell over?

Oh shoot! I guess he did... Sherry's tightest closeup of this whole movie, and she has to have blood on her lip, and she's just about to blast herself as she closes the door of a Corvette on a shotgun that was cocked by a dead man after she killed him. That's got to be one of the stranger cinematic self-destructions ever!

The two clownish cops who never really try to break up all of this violence eulogize her in the end as they stand over her body: "this is Abigail Bratowski... she never looked better! A real waste of a good woman!" That pretty much says it all for this film, since all they let Sherry do is look beautiful, talk tough, swear, and shoot people in this masterpiece. Shot on location in exotic East St. Louis, we see several buildings over and over during the chase scenes, and they certainly saved money on wardrobe. Except for the nun's habit, ALL the characters wear the same outfit from start to finish.

The "happy ending" after they kill off the real hero of the film is when Sondra "reveals" (no, not more of her skin) but that she has saved the cash from the Corvette. The boys then have to decide whether to turn it in like the honest boys they really are, or to go on the run in South America with their pretty new partner. Me? I would've made a deal with Abigail to give her the money back and join her gang !!

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